(E)P3 is a system used to identify your path to victory and continued success.  With it you can develop a plan of action to achieve virtually any goal.  The process is used by elite military, world class athletes, and business tycoons around the world.  It is simple in theory and when executed properly will organize your training into a linear progression for continuos success.

Evaluate – honestly determine your current strengths and weaknesses in relation to the desired mission/goal.

Plan – Develop a focused, sustainable, measurable training plan to maintain your strengths develop your weaknesses.

Prepare – Execute your training plan while maintaining focus on your goal.

Perform – Execute the mission.  The mission comes in many many forms.  For some it is literally the tactical mission, for others the mission may be to succeed in sport or business.  For all it is the culmination of your preparation put to the test.

Our focus will be the development of firearms marksmanship fundamentals as they contribute to success in competition and in a tactical environment.  We will do this through range training exercises, dry fire drills, and scenario training.  We will also conduct visualizations and mental development exercises to strengthen our most valuable and often overlooked asset, our brain.  Physical aspects of the sport and profession will also be developed focusing on explosive power, flexibility, agility and coordination.