Life in modern times is becoming more and more hectic.  There is an entire industry dedicated to the simplification of daily life.  Given the reality of a hectic life and our desire for increased performance, we need a system we can adhere to in order to achieve the success we desire.  I have written briefly about prioritizing your goals above other distractions in previous posts.  We will dive a bit deeper this time.  First, write down a timeline starting at 12AM and ending at 12AM.  Next, block out any time that is unavoidably accounted for.  Commuting, work, and commuting home are generally the only completely involuntary time consumers we have.  Every other time-consuming activity that you have in your life is a voluntary allocation.  From this point forward we can prioritize things that work toward our goal.  My recommendation for your next major time block is to reserve time for sleep.  Sleep is arguably the most neglected component to physical fitness and health that there is.  There is some debate as to the optimum amount of sleep time so for now, identify a time for bed and a wake up time and hold yourself to those.  You may adjust as needed once you begin living your plan.  Family obligations are likely the next component of life you will need to account for.  If you can couple this with your chosen hobby or sport you will enjoy a distinct advantage over those who can not.  My wife and I enjoy range time and gym time together.  This awesome stroke of luck allows me excess time to schedule some individual priorities that may be pushed off the daily schedule otherwise.  Individual priorities are the final component of your day.  You can plug these into any free space you see on your daily schedule.  The process of accounting for your day may seem like a no brainer. You may however, find that you have more time available than you think.  I have found that by adhering to my schedule and not allowing social media to consume my attention I come up with “floater” times that I can use for a myriad of out of the ordinary tasks and projects that arrive unannounced.  A quick review of our priorities thus far, and some components of each….

  1. Work
    • commute
    • client visits outside the office or off site
    • any preparation or follow-up
    • home maintenance or upkeep
    • unscheduled emergency resolutions (Dad life)
  2. Sleep
    • if you take away from this it will negatively affect everything else
  3. Family
    • Quality time with spouse
    • family dinner (daily)
    • kids activities (sports, plays, concerts)
  4. Individual Priorities
    • 3 Gun competition
    • 3 Gun practice sessions
    • physical fitness
    • meditation
    • TV / social media

This is not a 100% all-encompassing list of everything we have to get done in one day.  It is a good place to start and gives you an idea of how to lay out your priorities on a day-to-day basis.  Your next challenge is to hold yourself accountable to your daily schedule until it becomes a routine.  My personal routine has become a weekly rather than daily routine.  I have different obligations that I give attention and time to from day-to-day but are recurrent from week to week so it works for me.  Take some time and develop a list of daily obligations and prioritize them.  Fill in the empty space with activities that work toward yours desired outcome.  You are in control of what you do in a day.  Make a plan and develop a routine that leads you to victory.


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