In all of our endeavors we will likely reach a point of complete saturation.  The point when we feel that no matter what we do it seems to have no positive effect.  The feeling of lost progression can lead to frustration, stress and in the worst cases the desire to call it quits.  In order to fight “burnout” we should program periodic breaks from our endeavors so that we can reset, recharge, and require the burning desire we once had to start said endeavor.  Here are a few techniques to help you maintain your drive and motivation over the long haul.

  1. Reconnect with family and friends.  Our training takes up a lot of our free time.  Our weekends are often occupied by competition.  The time we find to train and compete usually comes at the cost of time with family or friends.  Take a few days, a weekend, or even a solid week to refocus on your personal relationships and find some recreational activity to occupy your conscious that is different from your normal obsession.
  2. Reflect on your achievements.  Remember where you were when you started your journey and look at the progress you have made so far.  Be objective in your assessment and you are likely to see that you have made a measurable improvement from where you started.  We are ourselves our harshest critics.  It is difficult for most seriously driven people to accept that they are doing well if they have yet to achieve their ultimate goal.  As a result we tend to dwell on all the improvements we need to make and fail to recognize the progress that has been made.  Reflect and give yourself a pat on the back for those incremental victories you have made.
  3. Be a fan.  Take a break from participation and just watch.  In the beginning there was something that drew us into whatever pursuit we are involved in.  For most of us the first encounter with that activity was simply to watch others doing it.  Sports or arts are purpose-built for fanfare so paint your face and let your inner super fan loose.
  4.   Practice Mindfulness….. It is awesome and therapeutic.  I am by no means an expert myself but I am trying.  Start here.    Mindfulness, Getting Started
  5. Get back to the basics, and reinforce your effort rather than the outcome of your effort.  Putting in the time to develop is a challenge.  Acknowledge the success achieved by simply putting in the work.  Go back to square one and evaluate your current situation.  Make a plan to achieve your goals.  Prepare by physically executing your training plan.  Perform at the highest level of your chosen sport, art, job, or other endeavor.

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front), do whatever you have to do to rekindle the fire that motivated you to take on the challenge, start the journey, or begin the venture.

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