Learning and developing physical skill is a process with several contributing factors.  One of the most important and impactful of those contributors is a Coach.  I prefer the title of coach to other popular handles like cadre, instructor, or teacher.  Coaching implies a more personal relationship between parties and is also associated with sport.  A good coach will know what you need to see, hear, feel and do in order to achieve success.  A good coach knows that there are many ways to achieve success and will modify your training in order to focus on weaknesses while nurturing strengths.  As you develop, your coach should develop with you.  If you are seeking greatness in a sport or other physical endeavor you should seek out a coach who will provoke you to your desired result.  I coach quite a few people in a few different physical disciplines.  A common coaching characteristic I have with every one of my athletes is that I will tell you what you need to hear in order for you to progress in a positive direction.  Often times what I say does not make sense to onlookers, but it doesn’t matter.  Everyone reacts in their own way to different coaching stimulus.  Some of my shooters need positive reinforcement and minor corrective action to take their game a step forward.  A couple of my CrossFitters seem to thrive on a negative bashing characteristic of a boot camp drill instructor.  One of my lifters loves numbers, percentages, and probability for success.  When she feels her probability for success is high, it is.

My point in this is that if you are serious about doing well in your chosen game, you need to find a coach that can help you achieve your goal.  You can’t watch your own performances.  You can’t feel the subtle differences in body position that cause mistakes.  You can’t see your own expressions of frustration and respond with the required provocation to change your attitude into a positive training session.  Those things are done by a coach.  So, scour the internet, ask successful people in your sport, attend local competitions and find yourself a coach.

*I personally have several coaches that I train with regularly.  Even the Coach needs a Coach.

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