Shooting in rapid succession places a great demand on your grip.  In all of our training you will be practicing your grip at some level but here I want to focus specifically on the grip only and nothing else.  I’m going to hit some general guidelines that are a good starting point for most people.  As you develop your skill experiment with hand placement.  Make minor adjustments to one or both hands and see what works best for you.  Here are the high points to start you off on the right foot.

1. Firing hand- as high on the grip as possible with the web of the hand against the beaver tail.  Middle, ring, and pinky fingers wrapped around the grip directly under the trigger guard.  Index finger rests along the frame.  The thumb of the firing hand should “lock” over the top of the support hand thumb once you have established a 2 hand grip.

2. Support hand- as much contact as possible should be made with the meaty portion of the thumb to the grip of your pistol.  The thumb rests straight along the frame.  Fingers wrap over the top of your firing hand under the trigger guard.

*special emphasis – make sure your firing hand thumb is over the top of your support hand thumb.  I see this violated very often.  Don’t be that guy.

The Drill – establish a grip on your pistol and take a sight picture on your favorite dry fire target.  Purposefully squeeze the pistol and hold for 15 seconds while maintaining perfect sight alignment.  Your grip should be tight enough to maintain control of your weapon if someone were to try an pull it from your hands.  Keep your shoulder blades down and back and a slight bend in your elbows.  Rest for 20 seconds and repeat the hold for another 15 seconds.  Repeat this process for 10-20 cycles.  This may seem trivial but it will build strength and familiarity with the position of your pistol in your hands.

Your grip is the foundation to which other fundamentals will be applied.  If you have read my other posts you know how important the fundamentals are.  Stay tuned, we will be building on this in the coming weeks… happy training!

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