As an avid sport shooter and also a former Ranger and Special Forces Operator I have witnessed levels of performance that are truly impressive.  The capacity of the human being to achieve and continuously improve is a marvel.  Through years of examples there is one glaring similarity linking all of the absolute best performers, a high level of physical fitness.   Maintaining a high level of fitness will remove many possible distractors from your training protocol and also your daily life.  Maintaining strength, power and flexibility will ward off physical injuries like sprains, pulls, tendonitis, and muscle soreness allowing you to continue training and participating in your chosen physical endeavor uninterrupted.  Maintaining a proper diet and sleep pattern will contribute to reduced stress levels, increased immune system performance and proper body mass.  All of which will keep you training and participating in your sport.  Once you decide to prioritize your distractions, make sure to put fitness at the top of the list.  A solid foundation will allow you to move other distractions down the list and possibly remove them all together.  If you don’t know where to start I highly recommend attending a quality CrossFit Affiliate Gym.  The coaching and staff interaction you will experience there is grossly different from a traditional “globo” gym will offer.

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