Have you ever said to yourself “I’m going to do that” and only a short time later, maybe days or weeks, found yourself completely off track?  It is even possible that you may have completely forgotten about the goal you had set for yourself.  The reason you lost focus is likely that you were distracted by something else.  The distraction could be something beyond your control like work or family obligations.  It could also be well within your control:  prioritizing other hobbies or interests before the goal you had set for yourself.  The former are within reason to prevent one from attending to the necessary tasks related to achieving success, but the latter are usually a matter of priority.  When people set a goal for themselves they very often shoot for the stars.  When they realize the amount of work needed to get to those stars, that are very far away, the most common response is to settle for a lesser prize.  The difference between these people and a champion is that the champion does not settle for the lesser prize.  The champion has made success their #1 priority.  If you truly want to realize your maximum potential in any endeavor, you have to make the decision to prioritize that goal above every other distraction in your life.  There are distractions that are unavoidable like work, family, and taxes.  You get a bye for the unavoidable, but nothing else.  Make the decision to succeed and prioritize your distractions.  Put in the work and realize your goal.

Stay tuned for systems and techniques to help you prioritize.

One thought on “The Decision to Succeed

  1. Mr Denman is by far one of the most knowledgeable, personable instructors Ive ever known. His subject knowledge, training methods and intensity combine to make learning fun and very easy. I highly reccomend him to anyone! 🇺🇸

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